2018 Art Ache Curator, LOT23
2018 Current MFA candidate at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University
2018 Mt Aspiring Art Award Finalist, Wanaka
2017 Wallace Art Awards Finalist (submitted work acquired by the collection)
2017 Venice Bienalle Vernissage Trip
2017 Artist Talk and Presentation for Venus Collection III
2016, 2017 Guest Curator for 48 hours of broadcast television of art; Art Your TV, Sky NZ
2015, 2016 Guest curator for Threaded Magazine ‘pigeon hole’ page
2015, Taiwhtuki House of Death (Lisa Reihana Walters Prize nomination) – production manager
2015 Q Theater guest curator for Q presents season
2015 Art Ache guest curator – Golden Dawn Auckland
2015 Curator for the Arch Hill Art Wall open air gallery, Great North Rd, Auckland
2014 Slide presentation and talk – Blikfang Art and Antiques, Auckland
2013 Knucklebones (Elliot Francis Stewart mural documentation) – Producer
2013 – 2016 LOT23 Curator and Producer
2009, 2011, 2014 Walker and Hall Finalist – Waiheke Gallery, Auckland
2005 Trade Certified Picture Framer, specialising in Paper conservation
2005 Venice Bienalle Trip
2000-2001 BFA Elam Fine Art School Auckland University
1997-1999 BDes Wellington Design School Victoria University (cross-credited to Elam)

2017 Substrate – Allpress Gallery, Auckland
2015 If this then that (duo show with James Pinker) – LOT23, Auckland
2014 subject to change (duo show with Philippa Blair) – LOT23, Auckland
2014 Project Installation – Corner Window curated by Rob Garrett, Auckland
2013 Punch+Black – Waiheke Gallery, Auckland
2010 Biomorphs – Satellite Gallery, Auckland
2001 Portions – George Fraser Gallery, Auckland
1999 Dish – Brava Restaurant, Wellington
1998 BarFlySpot – Valve Bar, Wellington

2018 Critical Groupings, Elam Post Graduate show, LOT23
2016, 2017 Sky TV Pop up Channel
2016 The Great Curve, Pierre Peters Gallery, Parnell Auckland
2015 Blikfang Speakers group show, Blikfang Auckland
2015 Calling all dreamers, Village Arts Gallery, Kohukohu, Hokianga
2015 Bene Commune, LOT23, curated by Stephen Bambury
2015 Arch Hill Art Wall, Open Air Gallery, Great North Road, Auckland
2015 Wharepuke Sculpture Park Awards exhibition, Kerikeri
2014 Through Different Eyes – Artstation, Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland
2014 Art Ache – Golden Dawn, Auckland
2014 Harbourview Sculpture Trail – Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland
2009, 2011, 2014 Walker and Hall Finalists exhibition – Waiheke Gallery, Auckland
2013 Sketchbook Project – Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne
2013 Headland Sculpture on the Gulf (Invited Artist, Pavilion) – Waiheke Island, Auckland
2012 Mysterious Room 208 – Art in the Dark (Cinema Entry) – Western Park, Auckland
2012 Suspended In Space – House of Hedone, Auckland
2011 Baradene Art Show – Auckland
2010 Waitakere Arts Council & Trust Exhibition, CEAC, Waitakere
2010 Baradene Art Show – Auckland
Sketchbook Library Tour, Arthouse Cooperative Atlanta
2010 May 7-9 Home Gallery, Chicago IL
2010 Apr 16-18 Soulard Art Market, Saint Louis MO
2010 Feb 19-21 303 Grand Brooklyn NY
2009 Dec 11-13 Arthouse Gallery, Atlanta GA
2001 Banned Practice – Newcall Tower Building curated by Anthony Byrt, Auckland
2001 Defused – Toshiba Towers curated by Lisa Divett + Louise Poppelwell, Auckland

As a process painter I have become acutely aware of how relationships between visual elements can change, even the most delicate alteration can demand a shift in the weight, composition, energy and feeling of the work. As layers are added and removed, entirely new directions are pursued. The destination is the completed work, and what I really enjoy, what I chase, with the process is the state of mind that painting prompts and how decisions are made during painting. It is a deeply specific place where you take responsibility for your thoughts and decisions and the most subtle and delicate notions are responded to. Ultimately any change may either kill or elevate the work to ’success’, ‘completion ’ and ‘perfection’. All the while the conscious mind continually unpacking, undoing and questioning the aesthetics of a successful work. It is a dance saturated with knowledge of everything you have ever seen before and seeking out what is before you – the unknown. Sometimes I find that painting brings on more of that heady control, responsibility for thought and motion than any other place in the world.

“Typing an idea about a painting.
Voice recorded. Played back.
Winding thoughts into a spool.
Painting is metaphor for meditation. And communication, or reaction.

I want to express in isolated states.
I want to create a visual map towards an isolated state.
I want my image to create an isolated state.

Can I create an isolated state.
Isolated state of stillness.
Isolated state of wholeness.
Can it be an idea and no image.

If it is isolated then it has evolved uniquely and pure.” Natalie Tozer 2016


Natalie’s distinct style has seen her selected for the Wallace Collection, as an invited artist for the Pavilion at the Headland Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke Island 2013, for the Art in the Dark Exhibition (cinema entry) in 2012 and for the Walker and Hall Finalists exhibition in 2009/2011/2014/2017. As a process driven artist Natalie continues to further her practice from her Kingsland studio. Natalie is also a mother of two and curates the program of exhibitions and produces a wide range of events at LOT23 studio gallery, Auckland NZ. She has recently been a guest curator for Sky TV, Art Ache, Q theatre and internationally published Threaded Art & Design Journal.