Philippa Blair is a New Zealand-born artist who has recently moved back to New Zealand after more than twenty years abroad, living and working in Italy, Australia and the USA. Philippa has exhibited internationally for over 35 years with over 100 solo exhibitions and 300 group shows to her credit. Most of the works for this show come from exhibitions in Los Angeles between 2011 – 2013.

To welcome her home, we offered Philippa a residency at LOT23, and for the last four weeks have enjoyed her company and amazing creativity. There was no obligation for her to exhibit at the end of her time here, it was simply a gift of studio space for her to use as she wished.

LOT23’s curator, Natalie Tozer says –
“It really has been a wonderful opportunity spending an extended time with such a prolific, passionate and experienced artist. As an artist myself I found we had lots in common in our practice as painters of abstract works. Needless to say there were lots of great chats over strong coffee in the LOT23 cafe.
At the same time as Philippa was in the building, my solo show at Saatchi & Saatchi gallery was pushed back to next year due to earthquake strengthening. Philippa suggested it would be great to celebrate the end of her residency, my series in waiting and LOT23’s first birthday, with a joint show. I then had the pleasure of exploring her storage unit with her to select for our show together. What an exciting collaboration it has been!

Philippa Blair –
“I loved my time at LOT23. I was affected and inspired by the supportive and warm atmosphere, everyone who works there at every level, the food, the coffee, the building itself, my studio space, and the strange hard to find location all played a part. The works done there were explorations, seriously playful and ‘experimental’, many inspired by the mapping of different directions to and from LOT23 and its urban location.”

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