As a process painter I have become acutely aware of how the relationship between visual components can change. Even the most delicate alteration can create a major shift in the weight, composition, energy and feeling of the work. As layers are added and old ones obscured, entirely new directions are pursued. The destination is the completed work, but what I really enjoy, what I chase is the process and state of mind that painting creates and how decisions are made.

It is a deeply specific place where you have to take responsibility for your thoughts and decisions and the most subtle and delicate notions are responded to. Ultimately, any change may elevate the work to ‘success’, ‘completion’ and ‘perfection’, or not. All the while the conscious mind is continually unpacking, undoing and questioning the aesthetics of a successful work. It is a dance saturated with the knowledge of everything you have ever seen before while seeking out everything that is in front of you – the unknown.

The works on show are a combination of beautiful fails and mis-tints, alongside a couple of smooth fades and glossy complexions. It would be wonderful to see you at the show, all welcome.

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