I’m interested in modes of thinking and making that involve the ground and the underground. The underground is a magical, metaphorically rich place that may provide clues, knowledge, refuge as well as the sunken networks of extraction, exploitation and disposal.  I like to collaborate with the ground to document it’s own organic interactions, timescales and circular economies and am currently utilising dirt, dust, loam and the rendered urban areas of gravel, concrete and tarseal in my work to speculate how this matter can access alternative futures.

During the rahui I conceived a series of concrete casts of broken footpaths near and around Karangahape rd, Tamaki Makaurau. Capturing and documenting this area that I frequently use and walk through in its temporary unfixed state embodies an approach of care and consideration. The markings from tools and previous layers of broken grout lie exposed for interpretation. During the rahui repair and construction on the footpath was halted, but as and when the rahui is lifted, and as all progress dictates it will soon be finished to its completion. The casts will act as a sort of fossil record of the lull in construction, productivity and progress.