The earth-interior is a trove of strata. These strata are the keepers of history, weaving eras and stories of past landscapes. Still, they are geologically impermanent, continually in motion – a motion which plays a crucial role in maintaining and regulating stable conditions for life on this planet. In this turbulence of deep time, things come alive that seemed inert: Ice breathes, rock has tides, mountains undulate, and caves speak.

We cross through the margin from surface exterior to earth interior, looking for clues, knowledge, transcendence, and refuge, as well as the sunken networks of extraction, exploitation and disposal; stone blasted from the ground and rendered fit for our urban environments as concrete, bricks, gravel and tarseal. Gap 20 Gravel is available at Bunnings for $12.50 per 25 kgs.

However, nothing will remain on the surface of the planet one hundred million years from now. What we see on the surface today will be churned by enormous rock masses pushed high up above the surface of the ocean as fast as they are being worn down.

There may be clues of today found by future civilisations, discovered and dislodged from sedimentary layers, unearthed from the ground and pieced together. Disjointed, corroded by the destructive forces of time, these findings will become new objects that mark our decadent moment in time.