Composing various languages of the Waitematā and its shoreline, Onepanea looks at the communication of place.

Assembling languages that are human, nonhuman, the lesser-known and those in everyday use, Onepanea works through a linguistic strata of Lightship’s place.

Sites of geological reclamation are addressed by Onepanea as the work charts nautical naming conventions, indigenous research and immediate sense:

Commercial Bay – Onepanea – Beach of the Heads in Line

Official Bay – Te Hororoa – The Long Landslip

Mechanics Bay – Te Toangāroa – The Long Pulling

Parnell Baths – Taurarua – Song of Annoyance

St. George’s Bay – Te Waiataikehu – Waters of Taikehu


Lightship Award Press Release

With special thanks to Te Reo consultant Kiriana O’Connell (Ngāti Tukorehe, Pākehā)