Presenting 4 looped video works in two silos: Footpath Fossil (breathe) – by collecting, documenting and deciphering the findings of the complex underland beneath our feet, I hope to gather enough data to learn something, to reach out in the dark, to gaze into a possible future and let the practice reveal the rest.

every existent in the history of the world is in my room right now – both the subject matter and soundtrack subscribes to a subset of care. Deep admiration for my house dust. This perspective and approach is about revealing the alternative strategies against capitalist modes of production, where we focus on tending and caring for what we have, instead of perpetuating in an ever-expanding frenzy.

Cave Breather  – proposes a fictional temporality, modelling our attempts to understand our present by looking back from an imagined future. There may be clues of today found by future civilisations, discovered and dislodged from sedimentary layers, unearthed from the ground and pieced together. Disjointed, corroded by the destructive forces of time, these findings will become new objects that mark our decadent moment in time.

The self-destructing geometric paper structures of Soothsayer talk to the ephemeral nature of all human construction. The child places faith in a paper object and constructs a hopeful and naive vision of the future; as humanity has, for so long, assumed its continued good fortune and permanence on earth. Tozer aims to pitch alternative narratives through image worlds and to seek out some of the deepest possibilities and consequences of human construction and destruction.