“Considering the way our visual field is daily under a media assault, the artist wishes to create alternatives which offer retreat and respite from daily life. Believing in the cathartic influence and potential of abstraction, Tozer’s project for Corner was devised to create “a portal to the fluid and private dream space” of the willing and affected viewer. Pop Vacuum 2 presents scaled up imagery of the stains, shadows, half forms and evaporating traces of fluid and pigment on paper; and the once-whole image has been shattered against the corner of the internal wall within the Corner window space.

Fluid forms meld, coalesce and run together and the whole is shattered in a series of angular shards. Together they create a tension between surface and depth. At the surface, the brittle, broken and highly reflective shapes resist the eye coming to rest (an effect amplified by the often intense reflections of the street in the gallery’s windows); and beneath this sheen, the fluid amorphous depths of Tozer’s colour field tug the viewer towards a sort of amniotic memory.”

Project 014: Natalie Tozer (NZ) Pop Vacuum 2, 2014 Robgarrettcfa.com