‘Medium Continued’ reveals complex, distinct, multiple and interconnected continua through the matter accumulated in the making of this work:

Medium cont. crystalline carbon in graphite powder form, pulped Fabriano 240gsm acid-free paper from ‘forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards’, laundry tub lint, an emerald matrix rough mineral specimen (to help open up psychic abilities), a weathered piece of tarseal found on an east coast beach, fulgurite from lightning striking sand (TradeMe purchase, sent from Te Whenua Moemoeā), drinking water from the Huia treatment plant including residual traces of aluminium, bromide, calcium, chlorine, ammonia, arsenic, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, sulphate, fluoride and lithium, an imagined archaic pagan artefact, a white bronze cast of a garden snail, tie-dyed pillowcase fibres, chips of OPI ‘Suzi talks with her hands’ nail polish, cosmic dust particles, pollen, and skin cells of a Pākehā mammalian.